As you know, Meta Box Conditional Logic can works with default taxonomies like tags or categories and even custom taxonomy. For example:

Visible a field or meta box when selected post category is either 4, or 5, or 6

'visible' => ['post_category', 'in', [4,5,6]]

Since 1.3, you can define the condition’s value using slug. Just append slug: before the selector. Like so:

'visible' => ['slug:post_category', 'in', ['fashion', 'gaming', 'technology']]

Cool right?

You can also set conditional logic depends on selected custom taxonomy by using tax_query. Like so:
Hide a field or meta box when selected custom taxonomy’s id is greater than 5

'hidden' => ['tax_query[product]', '>', 5]

Of course, it works with slug also:

'hidden' => ['slug:tax_query[product]', '!=', 'drones']