Version 4.5 of the free Meta Box plugin has just been released. This is a big update with lots of improvements. New field types are added, code is refactored. Please update your plugin now and try it!

These are changes in Meta Box 4.5:


  • Improvement: Separate esc_meta method
  • Improvement: Add ability to use URL to retrieve options for autocomplete field
  • Improvement: Add rwmb_get_field and rwmb_the_field functions to get and display field values in the frontend
  • Improvement: Add field type custom_html to display any HTML in the meta box
  • Improvement: Add field type key_value which allows users to add any number of key-value pairs
  • Improvement: Use single JS file to display Google Maps in the frontend. No more inline Javascript.
  • Improvement: Code refactor

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