Since the last update, we’ve received many requests about Conditional Logic features and bugs. Most of them are cool and we can’t wait to bring it to you asap. We have to say thank you to Will, Mike and Sinusite for their contributing.


Supports slug for post categories and custom taxonomies

In the previous versions, you can only set conditional logic by id of post categories and custom taxonomies. Like so:

'visible' => ['post_category', 4]

Since 1.3, you can either use slug or id. If you use slug, just prepend slug: before the field. Like so:

'visible' => ['slug:post_category', 'in', ['fashion', 'tech']]

Supports function callback

If you want to set conditional logic with custom js callback. You should get the latest version now. To define a js callback. Just append () sign to the last of your field. For instance:

'visible' => ['my_custom_callback()', true]

Beter supports Custom Taxonomy

Conditional Logic now works with all custom taxonomy. Please check Conditional Logic and Taxonomies for more information.

And more…

There’re more improvements and bug fix in this release so we can’t list them all. See changelog in the Conditional Logic plugin page for more information.

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