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Hi again, please note there is no link to go to Page 2 of this topic on this page.

So, I figured out there are more typos and issues with the provided composer.json file:

  • Line 46: “vendor/meta-box/mb-relationsihps/”: [“wpackagist-plugin/mb-relationships”],
    Relationships is misspelled, that causes the autoload error below because it places the plug-in in a misspelled directory.

  • In the autoload section, the file names are wrong. It appears that the main plug-in file for some of the plug-ins are named mb-[plugin-name].php where the plug-in directory is meta-box-[plugin-name] and MB Text Limiter’s main plugin file instead is only named text-limiter.php — that is confusing. May I suggest in the future to standardise all the naming of both directories and plug-in init files to one naming convention — be it mb-[plugin name] or meta-box-[plugin name] ?