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I think maybe I wasn’t clear enough in what I was reporting about ‘address’ fields. Separate issue from not getting auto-complete to work…

In the bug report, I wasn’t noting that certain fields wouldn’t auto-complete. But rather, that fields with ‘address’ in the name would not auto-populate.

For example, in your screenshot, apply an ID of ‘address’ to the field labeled ‘Location name’ (and intend on using that as the auto-complete field), then use ID of ‘street_address’ for the field labeled ‘Address 1’. (‘Address 2’ in my screenshot is just an extra freeform field we sometimes need to us in the US for apartment #, floor, PO box #, etc.)

Now, you’ll notice when you fill in a name or address in the Location name field, that ‘street_address’ does not get auto-completed with the specific street address.

My expectation is that ‘address’ will auto-complete with a full address, for example:
‘660 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, USA’.

And with that address, ‘street_address’ should get auto-populated with ‘660 3rd Street’, ‘locality’ with ‘San Francisco’, ‘administrative_area_level_1_short’ with ‘CA’, etc.

‘street_address’ is the one that will not auto-populate, because it is being interpreted as an auto-complete field, not an auto-populate field. According to the docs, only fields with an ID that starts with ‘address’ will be treated as auto-complete, right?