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Hi Anh

Thanks for getting back to me apologies, the fisr URL I send was another post I was looking at, not the API call back the 2nd API call displays the same results. So yes I can see the following in the data:

meta_box {
xs_text_entry_information: "<p>TBC</p>\n"
xs_checkboxes_hotels: []
xs_text_hotels: "<p>TBC</p>\n"
xs_checkboxes_travel: []
xs_text_travel: "<p>TBC</p>\n"
xs_tv_checkbox: "0"
xs_logo_image: []
xs_website_url: ""
xs_title: ""
xs_description: ""
xs_robots: "noindex, nofollow"

But it’s missing two custom meta boxes which I created in the same file as the majority of the above entries. Here is the file where I create the meta boxes, YOu can see that most of them are shoiwng in the API results apart from xs_venue_short, xs_venue_long, xs_dates_start_date, xs_dates_end_date and xs_dates_entry_deadline.

Thank you for your input so far.