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Support Meta Box Group Data are not saved into the database. Reply To: Data are not saved into the database.




Do you mean to wait 1-2 seconds and reload the page? If so results are the same. They are not simply saved into the database. This is what is get posted to the WP:

gu_field_faq[0][question]: Question 1
gu_field_faq[0][answer]: Answer 1
gu_field_faq[1][question]: Question 2
gu_field_faq[1][answer]: Answer 2
gu_field_faq[2][question]: Question 3
gu_field_faq[2][answer]: Answer 3
gu_field_faq[3][question]: Q4

As you can see, last answer is empty. If I switch to the Classic editor this issue does not happen. So it looks like MetaBox does not play nicely with the Gutenberg.

Is following article still accurate?

Also this may be relevant too:

Any suggestions what to do?

  • Vadym