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Support Meta Box Conditional Logic Slow loading and response time of 'editor screen' Reply To: Slow loading and response time of 'editor screen'



Thanks so much. I noticed it’s a bit faster on making selections ie. dropdown or radio. That’s awesome!

However I did notice on pages with lots of content, that there is still a really slow load (typically around 8-12 seconds). And they still take pretty long to make radio button selections or similar actions.

As mentioned I’ve narrowed it down to the conditional logic plugin, and specifically with its interaction with the groups plugin. What I’ve created is a repeatable group that has 8 radio options, and then there are 8 non-repeatable groups inside with corresponding conditional logic to those 8 radio options.

On pages with 2-3 cloned groups it’s tolerable, but then once past that it gets really slow. Please let me know if I can be more descriptive or send over an example. Cheers!