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Milind Wagh

Hi Anh,

We are building woo-commerce multi-vendor sites (WP based) where we want to make control panels and search filters (front-end) for vendors and site owner (specific roles) so that they do not have to log-in to the admin panel (CMS).

For this we need to have tools (from non-developer perspective) to be able to get order lists, product lists and all related forms in the front-end. We are aware that the forms can be done through the front-end submission extension, but it caters only to full custom post-types. Will be glad to see how one can get full product post-type as a form to front-end along with query filters and order list.

We actually love Meta Box for the User Interface and snappy performance, but alas I am trying something for our team which should be more from non-developer perspective – to help us serve customers better in the long run.

Milind Wagh