Garth John

Hi I’m not gonna make an admin account for you the site is confidential at the moment so I’m not allowed to I have an NDA with the Client until the site is Launched.

But I can send through images of my code and debug the process however you advise. I have my plugin active with the meta box builder which I got when I purchased the frontend Submissions extension. I also have the updater plugin which I had to add so I could enter my API key.

I am using the HTML5_Blank theme. I’m not sure if maybe this could be part of the problem.
My console is also clean. I have no errors on my site.

I have also run all my code through this PHP Checker ( https://phpcodechecker.com/ ) and I have no errors. Also my forms are appearing in the back end for my custom posts I have registered and they are posting to the Database. Which means my code is working.

It is just the front end submissions shortcode that is not working.

I am a senior PHP developer. So feel free to use technical terms if that helps. I have control of the domain on the server as well. So if you need me to maybe adjust the memory limit or adjust something I can do that too.