Having TON of issues (including this one). And since I can’t find a link to post new topic, I’m going to at minimum mention what going on with my site(s) here:

MB Relationships – Fatal error: Cannot declare class MB_Relationships_Table, because the name is already in use in /var/web/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mb-relationships/inc/database/class-mb-relationships-table.php on line 12 – CANNOT ACTIVATE

MB Custom Table – not working (and won’t update to 1.1.7 from 1.1.6). Server error message example: [19-Jan-2019 12:47:13 UTC] WordPress database error Table ‘bonsai-dragonish_wpmudev_host.Activity’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT * FROM Activity info WHERE ID = 22 made by include(‘wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php’), do_meta_boxes, RW_Meta_Box->show, RW_Meta_Box->is_saved, RWMB_Field::call, RWMB_Field::raw_meta, RWMB_Table_Storage->get, MB_Custom_Table_Cache::get – TABLES CANNOT BE CREATED

uhh, FIELD DATA NOT APPEARING! via Meta Box – Beaver Themer Integrator 1.3.0. Yeah, that’s a BIG ONE.

Sorry for posting on this thread, but I can’t find a link for a new topic post anywhere, and the site links are acting weird to begin with. But I’m completely dead in the water, and after have spent 2 days rebuilding my main site to try and isolate what the hell is going on, and at my wit’s end, I’m in need a little help in return for my lifetime license (and don’t understand where I’m supposed to go to get it from Meta Box). Sorry for the rant, and thank you.