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Mark Tenney

Reading back over this post, I realize I might need to explain it better. Here’s what I want to accomplish:

I have a post type called ‘connect-card’ that is geared toward quick interactions with users for churches. I have a page that displays the post listing in a card format here:

So if a user wants to respond to any of these calls to action, they would tap into the ‘connect-card’ and then respond. I have three types of responses: Button, Form, and Redirect.

The redirect card simply redirects to another page on the site or another external link.

The button is similar to the redirect, but would present some information before they click on the button to respond.

The form would be a Gravity Form. At this point, my users can insert the Gravity Form using the shortcode button on the content editor for the ‘connect-card’. I’d like to have a dropdown select field that would allow the post author to select the form from a list of forms available.

Hopefully that offers a better explanation of what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks for the help!


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