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Annabelle Roux

Hi Anh

I’ve got a similar problem with Meta Box AIO 1.7.2 for a single custom post type template i’m trying to create with Elementor Pro 2.4.5.
I created a custom post type with its associated custom fields and custom taxonomies using Meta Box.
The select dropdown displayed after selecting Meta Box Field for the Dynamic and terms options in elementor shows the list of admin fields declared to register the post type, or an empty list, rather than the list of custom fields associated with it (which really sucks ;- )

Screenshots can be found here :

Furthermore, eventhough my cpt supports the editor (classic editor), I don’t get access to the post content in the list of post dynamic fields (but the post content elementor widget does work :- )

My stack currently includes : Elementor Pro 2.4.5, Elementor Extras 2.0.10, Generatepress Premium 1.7.8… I tried deactivating Elementor Extras and GP premium : no luck :- (

Could you come up with a fix ?
I’m afraid i’ll have to ask for a refund if this issue can’t be resolved quite urgently since its the whole point of my buying a Meta Box developer license for a client project.