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Hello, tanks but i am lost.
I am not a programmer so some easy easy things are not so easy to me
Where I put the code?

The pratical case:
1. I use a set of metaboxes to fill user information (adress, telephone, city, custom email, latitude and longitude).
Json request give metabox to /wp-json/wp/v2/users/id
“meta_box”: {
“ag_name”: “User1”,
“ag_adress”: “Custom adress”,
“ag_post_code”: “1234-987”,
“ag_region”: “Local”,
“ag_state”: “City”,
“ag_phone”: “123456789”,

  1. The post has another set of metaboxes with extra info about product.
    Once exists multiples authors, I need add to some fields the data already filled on user profile on the user metabox setup above:

Example post output needed:

“meta_box”: {
//set of fields auto filled with user profile – get data from user metaboxes//

"ag_name": "User1",
"ag_adress": "Custom adress",
"ag_post_code": "1234-987",
"ag_region": "Local",
"ag_state": "City",
"ag_phone": "123456789",

//set of fields filled in the post//

"to_quantity": "100",
"to_description": "Custom description",
"to_advantages": "Custom text",

So json output combine the information of post with information i want show about the author.
Each post get is author extend author information.

Thanks for your patience