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Anh Tran


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I really appreciate that.

In order to use your product as an alternative to Toolset, I would need to install 6-8 plugins… For me, that’s a ton – and I happen to try to limit plugins to a total of 10 for an entire project.

Actually this is not a big problem. We have Meta Box AIO plugin that includes all plugins in a single one. So you can just install 1 plugin and have everything ready. This AIO plugin is available in the Developer Bundle (cause it includes everything).

But the number of plugins doesn’t matter. Their quality matters much more. If you count all Meta Box plugins’s files or line of codes, you will see it’s less than Toolset!

So, does the online builder work for the add-ons too? Meaning, could I create a series of CPTs with special functions online, generate the code for that, and then paste into my site without having to install of the plugins?

You can do that with the Meta Box Builder extension. It supports all premium extensions and support exporting to PHP code. The Online Generator is for the core Meta Box only.

Hope that helps clarifying some things. If you have any concern, please let me know.