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Anh Tran


The problem with this method is the translation files are not loaded from It works only with local translation files which are included directly inside the plugin. The translation from is preferred since it allows users to contribute easily and distribute more reliably. Besides, it has a higher priority, meaning if a language is available on both and inside plugin, the file from is loaded.

For example, this is the translation page for Meta Box in Vietnamese:

Translation files from are stored in wp-content/languages/plugins/meta-box/ and are regularly updated when new translations available.

Ideally, I’d love to remove the languages file from the plugin, so only translations from are used. At the moment, some languages are not available on yet.

In your case, in order to make it work with your theme without modifying the plugin, you can add this line directly into your theme:

load_textdomain( 'meta-box', plugin_basename( RWMB_DIR ) . '/languages/meta-box-'.get_locale().'.mo' );

It works the same way 😉