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Support MB Custom Post Type 2 doubts about CPTS and Taxonomy urls

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    Resolved Miguel

    Until today I was just using Pods in all my projects that required cpts and custom fields and I am actually pleased with it since never let me down, no matter how complex were the projects so far.

    I just bought today Metabox and trying it in a test site. So far I am very happy with how it works and how everything is organized. Looks actually really good and a much more complete solution.

    But while doing some experiences with the builder only i crossed with 2 situations i would like to point since im not sure if is intended or i am missing something:

    • In a scenario where I change the post type slug I lose all the posts already inserted (actually they still on the db ofc, just not associated with the current post slug). In pods for example I can change the slug anytime.
      I know this is not a ideal situation and is not suppose to change the slug just like that, but still I got curious about it because this means we have to be really careful with the names from the start. By change the slug I mean the post type name slug, not the rewrite slug.
    • Other situation is for example when I want a custom taxonomy to have the url stacked with the post type url. I mean for example a post type named cars and a taxonomy named brand. I want that the taxonomy url becomes /cars/brand/. To achieve that I tried to rewrite the taxonomy slug to “cars/brand” but when browsing a brand this leads to a 404 page, while browsing a car works fine. Again, this is something I usually do with pods and works perfect.

    Thank you for your attention

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for reaching out and feedback.

    The extension MB Custom Post Type does not cover two points that you mention. I'm going to inform the development team to consider adding it to the roadmap for developing this extension.


    Hi again,
    Thank you very much for the clarification.
    Will wait hopefully for that 2nd point to be considered because makes a website url structure much more organized.

    Thank you.

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