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    I took the extension a little while ago, knowing ACF well, I would like to create a site (test) to store recipes.
    I have created my two CPTs:
    - Ingredients
    - Recipes

    I created a relationship between these two CPT and I would like, when I choose my different ingredients, to add a quantity to them (and then display everything directly)

    I use as extension :

    • Elementor
    • Elementor Pro
    • MB Blocks
    • MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies
    • MB Frontend Submission
    • MB Relationships
    • Meta Box
    • Meta Box - Elementor Integrator
    • Meta Box Builder
    • Meta Box Conditional Logic

    So I haven't coded anything if I have to, no worries I'll go through it!

    Also while I'm at it for each ingredient I put an image in front of them, how can I get this information in my page template elementor ?
    Visually I would like to put : image ingredient - name ingredient - quantity

    Thank you very much!

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    Long Nguyen


    It's not possible to add a field value to a connection post by using MB Relationships. But there is a field type post which works similar to Relationships. Here are some guides for you:

    • Create a cloneable group
    • Create subfields: post, image, text, number

    Assign the meta box to the CPT Recipes so each cloneable group you can select a post Ingredient, add images, text (name), number (quantity).

    Get more details on the documentation


    Thank you for your reply!

    I have a problem with this because if I want to make something clean, it means that the person has to manually retrieve the image of the ingredients each time...

    I'm looking at both your documentations thanks to you! 🙂

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