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    I have a Custom Taxonomy named "Authors", and Custom Fields attached to fill authors details: First name, Last name, Photo, Social Medias…

    I'd like the authors to create their profiles themselves by filling a frontend form.
    These authors are not WP Users, they would access a regular frontend page showing the form.

    I know a Metabox frontend form can create a regular Post, but is it also possible to create a Taxonomy term.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi there,

    We haven't support to create new terms and content on the front end yet. Authors and custom fields like the user, so I recommend using the extension MB User Profile. It also helps users create/update users' information on the front end.


    Hi Long,

    Thanks for your details.

    I use Taxonomy terms for Authors to attach multiple authors to a Post, which is not possible with WP Users. So creating WP users in frontend won't help in this case.

    To use Metabox frontend submission, maybe i could change the Authors Taxonomy for a CPT, and create a relationship between this CPT and Posts: more work but i guess it could work.

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