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Support MB Elementor Integrator Adding a simple meta box to a page

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    I am a long-time Elementor user and not in the least a coder, although I don't mind working with code if someone else has written it and I just have to cut-and-paste it and perhaps make a few adjustments.

    I want to create a page in Elementor that can be easily edited by my client without having to use Elementor. That is, I'd just create fields that would be linked to various Elementor text (or other) widgets on a given page and my client would simply have to change the content of the page's variable fields by entering it into a meta box on the standard (i.e. not Elementor) block editor page.

    In fact, what I want to do is pretty well perfectly illustrated in this instructional video, posted by Meta Box!

    Unfortunately, the video initially shows the manual entry of a whole bunch of PHP code that presumably generates the meta box. There is no explanation of what's going on here and the actual code appears nowhere for a non-coder to actually copy and use. How cruel! (A person posting a comment on the YT video gets ignored with no response to the same source of frustration!)

    Could you please direct me to a resource that would either explicitly walk me through how to do this (with code that I could easily use!) or perhaps indicate a more up-to-date method of accomplishing the same thing, perhaps with no coding required at all. I acknowledge the YT video being three years old, so things might have advanced in the past few years!

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Ian,

    Now you can create custom fields with Meta Box Builder instead of typing code. Please get more details on this documentation https://docs.metabox.io/creating-meta-boxes/


    Thanks for the help with this. I've followed the directions and can successfully add some custom fields to a single page or all pages of a website and access them through Elementor.

    I now want to take this a slight step further and can't figure out how to connect a field group to an Elementor header template. That is, I want one or more dynamic fields in a header made in Elementor to be connected to a Meta Box field group.

    I surmise that in order to do this I would employ 'advanced location rules' in the settings section of a field group. However, I've tested any of the 19 drop-down options that appear to logically and potentially connect to an Elementor template and have had no success. Perhaps this isn't possible, but it seems to me that an Elementor template is just another post type to WP and there has to be a way! Can you help me do this?

    Long Nguyen


    You can select the Location for post type elementor_library then select a specific template in Advanced Location Rules, screenshot https://share.getcloudapp.com/4gulGXAR

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