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    Resolved A.

    I have set up several admin columns for custom fields that apply to the normal WordPress posts. They show up in the admin area edit screen and work fine.

    However, they are too many for the screen and all of them show by default for new admins. What I want is for just a few of them (four or five) to show in the table, and the rest of them to be unchecked by default from the Screen Options panel. Then I can turn them on when I need to see them.

    Is that possible with MetaBox Admin Columns?
    If yes, how do I set it to be unchecked by default?

    Thank you.

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    I found a working solution using the filter default_hidden_columns

    But I would still like to know if MB Admin Columns has a way to set these settings without having to use a filter, please.

    Long Nguyen


    The extension MB Admin Columns only supports showing the admin column by default. If you want to set an admin column hidden, please use the filter default_hidden_columns. I'm going to create a feature request to support a setting to hide the admin column by default.


    Thank you, Long Nguyen. That would be a useful feature to have built in to the plugin.

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