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Support General After update to WP 5.7 --custom field changes are not saved after editing a post

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    MB 5.3.9, AIO 1.13.4 and WP 5.7

    Problem is caused with the Unsortable Metabox plugin, not really's fault, but I think I got the recommendation for that plugin from you. The problem is a custom field metabox that I put in the sidebar for the client and put that with screenshots in the user documentation is accidentally moved by a user when they click the up or down arrow instead of the close triangle on the field. Since this plugin no longer works with Metabox, can you recommend an alternative to disable the "sorting" of my custom field metaboxes.

    Here's the problem that the plugin causes with custom fields:

    Any changes I make in radio, URL, text, etc. fields then update, the changed data shows in the field, but then I refresh the page while still in the backend and the fields revert back to the previous state. Or after I update the post and view the post the displayed custom fields have not been updated.

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    Never mind, it looks like the current version of MB when you choose the Field Group and edit the
    Settings and set the Style to Standard and the Tab style is Default it does exactly what I want -- hides the metabox sorting arrows!

    Problem solved.

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