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    Resolved Doug

    Curious if tabs created with Builder's Custom Attributes are still working? I noticed some of my metaboxes that previously had fields split up into tabs stopped rendering the tabs about a year ago. But I never investigated until now.

    Finally investigating, I looked at the code Builder generates, and it doesn't seem to be including the tabs array key where tab IDs are declared. I have two tabs declared in Builder's custom attributes for the field group. I tested on a basic WP install with no other plugins activated other than MB, MB Tabs, and Classic Editor, with the Twenty Twenty theme activated.

    Here are the custom attributes I specified:

    Screenshot of the rendered MetaBox:

    And the resulting code Builder generates:

    Note the missing tabs key in the code.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Doug,

    With the Builder, you can use the field Tab to group a/some fields in a tab. See my screenshot Other Tab settings display in the Settings tab


    Thanks, Long. I see the Tab field now. Perhaps this changed at some point a while ago, because we used to need to specify tabs with custom attributes in Builder. All of my older (1+ year) metaboxes set up tabs that way, and those are the ones that no longer work.

    I’m a little surprised an update broke the old way of setting up tabs. There doesn't seem to be any reason to ignore those custom attributes if they already exist. Regardless, I’ll reconfigure them using the newer Builder UI now.

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