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Support Meta Box Geolocation Auto populate not working for street_address field

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    Resolved Annabelle Roux

    Hi Anh,

    I came across a small issue with the geolocation plugin : I created a field with a street_address ID, which doesn't get auto populated after I've entered an address in the address field while all others (locality, postal_code, lat, lng) do.

    Here's the screenshot of the admin :

    Thx for your help.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Annabelle,

    To make the address field auto completed, please set its ID starts with address, like address_one. The plugin checks for address prefix. For details, please see the docs.

    Update: Sorry, I misunderstood your question.

    Regarding the problem, I think the street_address is not available from the response for your entered address. It's rarely used and not always available.


    I had the same issue and can confirm street_address does not autopopulate as expected using the instructions in the documentation.

    I ended up creating two fields and naming them street_number and route, and that works to populate the "street_address" for me, although through two fields instead of one.

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