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Support Meta Box Builder Bug with new version: sub-groups, sub-group fields with identical field IDs

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    Resolved pza

    In the previous version, I could do the following:

    • Group A contains 2 nested groups, Group B & Group C
    • Fields within Group B & C can have identical field IDs (because ID references the sub-group key, not a post_meta field key; eg $groupA['width] and $groupB['width'] ).

    I tried to do this in the new version of AIO 1.13, and it broke the Edit Field Group Page.

    The fields completely disappear and I can no longer edit them. So I had to revert AIO versions, and it works again.

    I can't be sure which caused the problem but I think it's either A) nested groups B) fields with identical ID within nested groups

    I appreciate you looking into this issue.

    Thank you!

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    Long Nguyen


    I've tested this case with a group field:

    Group A
      - Sub-group A1
        - Sub-field ID: text
      - Sub-group A2
        - Sub-field ID (same): text

    and save this group field, it still works as well. Screen record

    Can you please clear the cache and check it again?

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