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    Resolved Nick

    Using MB Builder, I have a user meta field group with a Checkbox List with ID commitment and one of the options is pre_event:Pre-event build.

    I then have a Select field with ID pre_event_arrival and several days as options. Under Conditional Logic in the Advanced tab, I have it set to Visible when All conditions match and my one condition is commitment [OPERATOR] [VALUE].

    I have tried =, contain, in, or match in the [OPERATOR] spot combined with pre-event, Pre-event build, or pre_event:Pre-event build in the [VALUE] spot.

    Yet when I go to a page where the field group is displayed as a form using the mb_user_profile_info shortcode, the Select field always shows up no matter how I set the conditional logic.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Nick,

    I set the [OPERATOR] to = and [VALUE] to pre_event (the value of the option is the value before :) and it works. Please see this video:


    Weird, I must have had some caching issue I hadn't cleared, everything is working now. Thanks!

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