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    I need to import three custom taxonomies, each with one to four custom fields using Metabox and Custom Tables. The taxonomies are large, one exceeding 4,000 entries, so I would rather do this via an automated script.

    After creating the custom taxonomies and associated custom fields, could I create a TSV of the taxonomy data and use the Metabox created MySQL table definitions to perform a LOAD DATA INFILE?


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    Anh Tran

    Hi David, can you give more details on load data in file? As all the data imported, I don't understand why you need a TSV file.


    Hi Anh,

    Apologies, I realise my question was not well written.

    The taxonomies are not already setup, they are imported directly into a fresh WordPress database using SQL - these scripts form the WordPress taxonomy hierarchy by creating entries in wp_term_taxonomy that relate to the imported wp_terms data.

    At present, the scripts also add related taxonomy meta into wp_termmeta, although I wish to use Metabox's Custom Tables feature to store these entries in a separate table.

    Maybe this is straightforward, so I will give it a try and come back if there are any problems.


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