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Support MB Settings Page Can we add wrapper div or class name to existing wrapper div for Settings markup

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    The settings panel is beautiful and we used to it. Is it possible to add a wrapper div or a class name (to add theme name prefix) to existing wrapper div of the Settings panel markup?

    This will be helpful in styling the settings panel without conflicting with other plugin or theme admin styles.

    If not yet added that feature, please consider that feature and we would like to contribute a beautiful design styles for the settings page if you like.


    Best Regards,

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Aishwarya,

    That’s doable. Is it okay if I add a new parameter and put it in the div.wrap div?



    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for taking my request.

    Do you mean like <div class="wrap my-theme-settings"> this?

    Ah, yes it can work but if you can add a inner div, it will be more convenient to style it more better. like <div class="wrap"><div id="my-theme-settings">

    But both methods are ok for me, whichever you think possible to add.

    Best Regards,

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