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Support Meta Box Conditional Logic can't hide a custom field within another metabox field group !

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    Resolved sofdesigne

    Hi, i am switching from ACF to Metabox because i couldn't find a way to do logic outside a group !!
    and i just bought the plugin yesterday, and i am doing some tests, but unfortunately i can't figure that out too !!

    i am a no coder, i work with the metabox builder.

    so, i want to show/hide a field, by selecting an option from another metabox field group.
    can't find the fields listed, i get only the fields within the same group ( just like ACF ) !
    is there a way to do this ?

    same issue on settings tab within each metabox field group, lists containing just the fields of that group, doesn't see fields from other field groups !!

    thanks for helping

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    Anh Tran


    In case you don't find the field from the list, please enter the field ID instead. The input is made for both select and manual input. Please try that.


    Wow, it works man !! FANTASTIC

    thanks alot for your great help

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