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    I'm using MB Custom Table ver. 2.0.0
    I have trouble to edit and save metabox value from wp-admin. WordPress always said that post updated but it isn't.
    I don't have this dificulties when using $wpdb->update.

    Would you mind to point me a clue what to check about this problem?

    Thanks a lot

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Kesit,

    Can you please share the code that creates the custom table and custom fields? Please make sure that the column names match with the field ID as on the documentation


    yes, I can confirm that the column name in custom table are equal with field ids in meta box.
    I can write data in custom table from frontpage using $wpdb->insert as on the documentation.

    I can't share the exact code since it has a lot of columns (may be around 50 fields), could it be the source of the problem?

    Long Nguyen

    It could be. You can try to save some fields to the custom table, if it works, you can follow this article to increase the PHP setting max_input_vars to resolve this issue.

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