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    Resolved Graceson

    I am having a strange issue. I have made a custom post type that only supports having a title. I then used metabox AIO to create some custom fields.

    The issue is that even after saving/publishing a new post, when I try and click away my browser warns me that there may be unsaved changes. This happens in Firefox and Chrome but not Safari.

    Is there any way to get rid of these annoying popups? I have tried creating a new post type using MB Builder to verify that it is not my code, and the problem happens then too.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Graceson,

    I've tried to create a new CPT and some posts of this CPT but not see any issue. Can you please follow the step Debugging Information and let me know how it goes?


    Hi Long,
    Thanks for highlighting that link again. I had tried everything except switching themes, and looks like that is where the issue was coming from. I will take this up with the authors of my theme.

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