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Support Meta Box Geolocation cloned group autocomplete not working after updating post

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    Resolved mundeee

    autocomplete + binding in a cloned group with geolocation field works fine when used on the inital post, but after saving the post and then creating another cloned group, autocomplete stops working.

    I suspect the problem is #wpbody in mb-geo.js, Location.init() is not getting called anymore.

    $('#wpbody').on('clone_completed', function () 

    on a quick quest to find the problem, I tried $(document).on(..) and it seems to work.
    I don't have any other clonable groups in my metaboxes, so not sure about further implications (and it's quite late over here).
    any better solutions?

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    Anh Tran

    Thanks for your feedback. Let me try to fix it.


    Hello, I too had this problem and I found the solution. Looked into the clone.js code and found that the ending of clone has been changed to: "after_clone". I updated in my Geolocation JS and works fine. Please update, thank you!

    Anh Tran

    It's fixed in version 1.2.0. Please update!

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