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Support Meta Box Group Cloning Groups of Fields on Backend (WP Admin Dashboard)

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    Resolved @mindspark

    Hi Anh -

    Seems like I'm asking a bunch of questions lately - so sorry. Just getting more comfortable with MB so I'm using it more! 🙂

    QUESTION - Is there a way to clone Groups and all assigned sub-fields to that group can be duplicated on the back-end?

    I have a group of fields for restaurant financial data - 10 fields. I now have to repeat this grouping up to 30 times - elsewhere in the form user indicates the 'Number of Units' involved in a sale. If they pick 1 then no problem, but it they pick 25, then I need to have 25 instances of the group (with all 10 fields). I plan on linking the groups to the number of units and use conditional logic to display.

    But I really don't want to manually duplicate the group and then the 10 fields, then the field settings and placeholders - all manually.

    The Clone option works on the FRONT-END, but what about in the form builder?

    Help 🙂

    this is what I have to duplicate 29 times -

    click on the OPERATIONS tab.

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    Anh Tran

    Well, the back end is more supported than the front end 🙂 So, all you need to do is tick this checkbox for group in the Builder:

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    Let me clarify -

    Cloning allows a user to click a button as needed to duplicate something.

    What I'm referring to is DUPLICATING fields in the builder. Sorry for the confusion.

    I want to take a group and all 10 sub-fields and hopefully duplicate the group in the form so that I have 30 instances of the same group.

    Then conditionally show the correct number of these duplicated groups based on how many units are enetered in another field.

    If I choose 2 units, then show 2 of these form groups. If I choose 12 units, then display 12 of the designated form groups.

    so in building the form, all 30 groups are there, but when creating a new Package, I only want to display the number of groups based on how many units are indicated in the drop down field (options range from 1 to 30).

    Not cloning the group manually.

    Make sense?

    Anh Tran

    Ah, I got it. I think what you need is duplicate a whole group, including its sub-fields, don't you? If so, it's not supported yet. The duplicate feature is working on single-field basis.



    OK - I'll have to figure a different way to handle this issue.


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