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Support Meta Box Builder Code ignored in favor of Builder?

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    Resolved GarySmith

    I've got quite a few questions as I'm looking to migrate to MB over ACF Pro. Short of some interface / design features MB seems superior to ACF which is why I want to switch. But I'm trying to figure out a few oddities.

    I'm using AIO and the builder included as part of that seems to ignore the code version of the metaboxes. Its possible I'm just not familiar enough with MB to understand the setup. ACF is the opposite, you can use the field builder but if its defined in code, any changes to the builder aren't reflected unless the code is updated.

    Is there a way to have MB prefer the code as I've found certain feature / functions do not seem to have any association in the builder and need to be defined in code, deleting the groups, testing the code then re-importing the groups for the builder is tedious.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for choosing Meta Box!

    In Meta Box, code that you're using in your PHP files and the field groups you created in the Meta Box Builder work independently and simultaneously. There's no connection between the code and the fields created in Meta Box Builder.

    Unless you export the code from the Meta Box Builder and put it in your theme/plugin. In that case, what loads first will take effect. But you should avoid this as it's confusing. If you want to use code, you should move the field group in Meta Box Builder to Trash (or switch to Draft) to prevent it from loading.

    Besides, in Meta Box Builder, the custom attributes feature is powerful enough for you to add custom settings for the meta box or for the fields. Using this feature will help you achieve the same effect as using code. However, if you want to use code, please just use it.


    Ultimately I would use code, but its much quicker to use the builder to piece together all the elements of metabox combinations, I had no intention of using the 2 simultaneously. I was just curious of how it worked / what I found. Its good to know now.

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