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    Firstly, thanks for resolving the two of my issues from January.

    And, the issue now:

    The 'color' field displays a duplicate 'alpha' channel slider. It is unneeded and completely out of the color picker's layout. Please see the image:

    I have updated my MetaBox plugin and all extensions to the latest (done today - Jun 27th 2019) and the issue is still there.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Dragan,

    I've just tested and couldn't see the problem. Here is my screenshot:

    View post on

    Did you see any error in the console?


    Hi Anh,

    No errors in console.

    That's weird, mine only has the color field and the duplicated alpha slider. It doesn't even have the color code and 'Clear' fields.

    Could you give me the code for that particular field from your image? I'd like to paste it in and test it.



    Another bug (mentioned in my reply above) is that the 'Color code' and 'Clear' fields are hidden.

    See the generated code:

    Color code and clear fields hidden

    As you can see, the 'Color code' input (rwmb-color) has data-options 'hide' option set to true which I guess adds the "display: none;" line in its "style" attribute. And the button input has the 'hidden' class which, by WordPress core ui CSS also produces display: none;

    If another plugin is using Iris, it would be best that your code anticipates possible conflicts and makes sure that your Iris elements, that are meant to be visible, stay visible.


    P.S. I solved my issue with some !important CSS that forces those fields to display: inline-block; but it would be best if your code does it by default. Here's the code if anyone else needs it:

    /* Metabox COLOR PICKER 'color code' and 'Clear' inputs FIX */
    .rwmb-field.rwmb-color-wrapper .rwmb-input .wp-picker-container.wp-picker-active span.wp-picker-input-wrap input[type=text].wp-color-picker,
    .rwmb-field.rwmb-color-wrapper .rwmb-input .wp-picker-container.wp-picker-active span.wp-picker-input-wrap input[type=button].wp-picker-clear {
        display: inline-block !important;
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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