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Support MB Frontend Submission Color Picker display issues (Background & Color Picker

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    Resolved austindw

    I am able to successfully add a color picker and a background field to the metabox, but when I visit the page where the fields appear and attempt to select a color, I run into issues.

    The Color Picker shows me a place to enter a field select a color, but it shows me the clear box/button but not the actual color panel to pick the color.

    The Color Picker after clicking the select color button.

    The Background give same the color panel, but it is cut off – I suspect maybe a z-index issue?

    The Background color field after clicking the select color button.

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    Teia Local Studio

    My issue happens inside ADMIN, and not in the frontend submission plugin.
    Anyway, the problem seems related...

    Hey there!
    Same problem here!

    I have a MB SETTINGS PANEL with tabs, inside the tabs I have columns, and inside the columns some color configuration metaboxes.

    When I try to open one of them, I have a problem of overflow hidden and z-index.

    Color Picker Z-Index problem

    If I modify the CSS of the color picker from ABSOLUTE to RELATIVE, it works (adding a traditional effect of folding open/close to the box).

    I have tried the color metabox WITHOUT placing in columns, and works fine.
    If I put 2 of them side by side, the problem returns.

    Any ideas?

    Anh Tran

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is an issue with overflow set in the Columns and Tabs extension. I'm fixing them and will release new versions soon.

    Teia Local Studio

    Dear Ahn!
    Thanks for your reply.

    I found out it happens also using only COLUMNS, not necessarily COLUMNS inside TABS.


    Anh Tran


    I’ve updated the Columns and Tabs extensions with a fix for that. Can you please update and let me know if that works.

    Teia Local Studio

    Problem solved!

    It works perfectly now — both in COLUMNS and COLUMNS inside TABS (MB Settings Pane)!
    Thanks, Ahn!


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