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Support Meta Box AIO Composer is not downloading the correct version of AIO

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    Hello! I am pulling in Meta Box and Meta Box AIO into my WordPress project repo via Composer. Both are being installed successfully, but I am not getting the correct version of Meta Box AIO. Composer is pulling down version 1.11.19, while I am requesting master, which, according to my account page, should be at 1.13.9.

    I constructed the composer file based on your documentation at This is the relevant snippet of my composer file:

    "require": {
    "meta-box/meta-box-aio": "dev-master",
    "wpackagist-plugin/meta-box": "5.3.*",
    "repositories": [
    "url": "",
    "type": "composer"
    "type": "composer",
    "url": ""

    Without being able to look at your repo, it seems like master does not have version 1.13.9 of Meta Box AIO. Is that a correct assessment or are we missing something in our composer file?


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    Anh Tran


    I've just tested again with your snippet and see Composer always pull the latest version of Meta Box AIO. Can you please try again?


    Hi Ahn! Thank you for the reply! We actually believe this was a caching issue. We were just only able to pull down the correct version using the --no-cache flag when doing a composer update. Is it possible that your system has your headers set up in a different way that other systems, e.g. GitHub?

    Regardless, busting the cache seems to be the solution for us. Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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