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    I have both "Meta Box Group" and "Meta Box Conditional Logic" installed, they both work as they should.

    But what I now want is make fields appear based on the group 'count', so if a cetain group contains more than 3 items, make field X appear.

    So for example

    'visible' => array(
      'when' => array(
         array( 'meta_box_group', '>', 2 ),

    Is something like that achievable in any way?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Pascal,

    Did you mean by number of clones? If that, there's no built-in rule to do that. You might want to trigger your own JavaScript action at after_clone hook:


    Hi Anh,

    Thanks for your suggestion! I was also thinking about a custom callback like explained in the documentation.

    Now I wonder if something like this could work?

    'visible' => array( 'get_clone_count()', '>', 2 )
    function get_clone_count(){
      $x = some way to get the 'meta_box_group' clone count
      return $x;

    But then I how do I get data of that from inside that function?

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