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Support MB Blocks Conflict with Blocks and Beaver Builder

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    Hi all!

    I've successfully written a block with Metabox and all works fine and as expected for months. Today, i've stumbled over a potential conflict with Beaver Builder.

    If Beaver Builder is installed and i hit the "Launch Beaver Builder" button in the Gutenberg Editor, a JavaScript error occurs "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'then')" in react-dom.min.js and obviously the page stucks at that point and the Beaver Builder page builder doesn't load.

    Not sure who is the culprit, however, if i deactivate my Gutenberg Block, the issue is gone.

    On my test site i run only the free version of Beaver Builder and my Gutenberg Block written with

    It should be simple to replicate. Can you please help?

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    Long Nguyen


    Thanks for your feedback.

    If you want to edit the post by Beaver Builder while using the custom blocks created by Meta Box, please click on the button Beaver Builder on the post lists instead of the editor.

    Refer to this topic


    Thanks for refering to another topic. Am i right that this issue is a known one for more than a year?

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