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Support MB Custom Post Type Conflict with Yoast and/or GravityView front end submission

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    Resolved pza

    There seems to be a conflict with the plugin GravityView or Yoast SEO and MB Custom Post Type.

    I am not using MB CPT in the frontend edit form (Gravityview), but form submissions fail with MB CPT enabled and Yoast enabled. I am sending you the staging admin login via the contact form, and appreciate any tips you can provide,

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    Anh Tran

    OK, let me take a look.


    Any thoughts on this? I have no idea how to debug this one.

    Anh Tran

    Hi pza,

    I answered you via email. Probably you haven't checked. I'll post it here so others can see:

    The problem is the Yoast SEO plugin, not Gravity or MB Custom Post Type.

    I see you use MB Content Type to create a post type Profile, and connect this post type to GEO WP and Gravity. When you edit an entry on the front end, Yoast SEO plugin tries to count links for the post (a profile). This action has bad performance and can't finish.

    Here is the screenshot of where the bug happens:

    View post on

    Notice the file names in case you want to find out more.

    Briefly, because you need to create a post type for Profile to connect this post type to Gravity View, and Yoast SEO tries to count links for all post types --> break.

    It doesn't matter if you MB Custom Post Type to create the post type. As long as the post type exists (you can try creating with just code), Yoast SEO breaks the page.

    As this bug belongs to Yoast SEO and it's quite complicated, it's beyond my ability to fix that for you.


    I am not sure how you did it but thanks very much for tracking this issue deeper. I see what you mean, it's not an MB issue.

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