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    Hi there,

    Following problem:
    I would like an avatar upload field in the WP Admin User Profile and in the Frontend User Account. That should of course be the same field.

    First I created an "Image Advanced" field, but then noticed that I cannot load the avatar with the user rwmb_meta in the Oxygen Builder (3.9 beta 2) and that this does not replace the WP standard avatar.

    I then installed your MB User Avatar plug-in, which works in WP Admin, but offers no possibility to upload it on the Frontend. Unfortunately, apart from an old article from 2020, I have neither found a documentation nor a solution.

    I would like to have an image User upload field (Subscriber and all other roles) in the WP backend as well as in the front and connected to the standard WordPress avatar.

    How exactly do I have to proceed now in order to realize this.

    Thank you for your quick feedback.

    Cheers Sash

    Addendum: I would also like to have a different title than the current one for the MB User Avatar Plugin - "Custom user Avatar" in the WB User Profile.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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