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    I'm using Astra Pro as fundation and I found the issues to display:

    1) Meta data
    2) Author Box

    Simple switch to default theme shows that it is issue by Astra (as it is displayed on default theme). However, remain two more issues:

    3) (default) Tags Archive page

    I assigned it in CPT, but when I create new tag, tag appear listed and correctly display number of posts, but on click on it when open Tag Archive page, it display "Nothing Found".

    4) (default) Category Archive page

    Same as above.


    What to do to get it displayed?

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    Anh Tran


    Have you tried to get help from Astra team? It's likely a theme issue.


    It is not a theme issue (looks for me), as I tried on default (19), Genesis, OceanWP, GeneratePress and Astra.

    So, to repeat, I consider it MetaBox issue as:

    1) I checked on right metabox that I want to associate categories and tags to my CPT.
    2) Code (PHP) is wrote that action in order.
    3) Custom Categories created by MB can be listed (displayed).
    4) Custom 'tags' (non hierarchical taxonomy) created by MB can be listed (displayed).


    So, I simply deactivated Categories and Tags, plus created replacements by MB and it works. However, it is not a topic, as I ask why it not working?

    By the way, your new versions have a bug on repeated License requests and boxes.

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