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    Bob H.


    I want to create a post called Data.

    I want the Data post to be created by a form already created by the user called the Skeleton.

    So the first thing is I need the user to build the Skeleton.

    Is this possible?

    User logs in, creates new Skeleton by choosing MB field groups etc and that creates the Skeleton Form.

    User then accesses the permalink for that Skeleton, and fills in the data as a form?

    Hard to figure out!

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Bob,

    As you can see on the documentation after the user create a meta box (field group) with custom fields. They will have to create a page and paste the frontend shortcode with meta box ID to show the form on the frontend.

    [mb_frontend_form id="skeleton-meta-box-id" post_fields="title,content"]

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