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Support MB Relationships create related/child records from parent admin view

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    Resolved Andrew Ibarra


    I have Project and Task custom post types. I have the relationship connected and some additional custom fields for each of those post types. After adding the relationship, I notice there is only a simple Select/Add Title for related/children posts.

    Is it possible to create children from the parents view? I want to be able to add child task posts from the Admin project View. I looked around at a few things, not seeing anything amongst the available extensions. I was even looking for a custom callback on a custom fields group set, didn't see anything there.

    I have a hacky way of showing a list of all related posts, but i would like to create related records from the parent view.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Andrew,

    Currently, Meta Box does not have a feature that supports creating a post when editing the current post. Just helps you to select the connected posts.

    Thanks for your idea, I'm going to inform the developer team to consider adding it to the to-do list for the future development of the plugin.

    Andrew Ibarra

    Thanks, the user experience would be very similar to adding a comment.

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