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    I have just installed and purchased Meta Box Builder, and created some simple fields that I want styled with a custom CSS class. I have managed to display the fields on the front end (although I think the documentation on this could be improved, as I bought Meta Box Builder on the premise I wouldn’t need to touch the php files).

    However, the contents of the metaboxes are not displaying with the style of their custom classes. The custom CSS classes are added in the theme itself through Theme options, so I’m wondering if that might be a problem? The only tutorials I can see add the CSS directly in the .php file.

    UPDATE – Adding CSS classes directly into the php file does work, but keen to hear what I might be doing wrong with the Meta Box Builder custom classes field.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi, did you try adding CSS classes to the field via custom attributes? Go to tab Advanced, and add a new attribute, name it “class” and enter value = your custom CSS classes.

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