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Support General CSS/JS Not Enqueueing Properly?

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    Daniel Campana


    Running a fresh WP install with Local by Flywheel as the server manager. Site is running WP 5.3.1, MySQL 8.0.16, and the TwentyTwenty Theme on a nginx server and PHP 7.3.2

    The only installed plugins are the MB core and the most recent AIO plugin (1.10.10).

    Activated extensions are:

    1. User Meta
    2. User Profile
    3. Builder
    4. Columns
    5. Conditional Login
    6. Geolocation
    7. Group
    8. Include Exclude
    9. Tabs

    The issue I'm experiencing is as follows:

    When using a custom field set (settings set to show for users, no other settings specified), using any combination of fields, the javascript and css does not appear to be loading in properly when displaying in a User Profile Info form.

    For example: Tabs appear as an unordered list, and all items inside them display at all times. Conditional logic has zero effect and all fields show 100% of the time. Image and upload fields do not work, etc.

    Like I mentioned, the install is 100% clean and just the base theme and the two mb plugins installed. The shortcode I'm using for the user profile form is: [mb_user_profile_info id="test"]

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Daniel,

    I've just checked again with a fresh install. And it seems to work fine to me. Here is my video:

    Do you see any errors in the browser console? Is there any other plugin activated?

    Daniel Campana

    Hi Anh,

    No there are no other plugins installed. Not shown in the video below but also there are no browser errors or warnings.

    Daniel Campana

    Any ideas?

    Anh Tran

    Hi Daniel,

    I couldn't find anything wrong within your video. Is there a way that I can access to your setup? Can you put it on a host and send me a temporary admin account? I see you're using Local, though.

    Daniel Campana

    I'm not sure why or how but reverting the AIO plugin to 1.10.4 and the main plugin to 5.2.2 resolved the issue.

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