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    Hi everyone, I really appreciate any help.

    I have to make a website for a used car sales company.

    The user must load the vehicles one by one and each vehicle may have many characteristics:
    Brand, type of tires, price, model, series, etc.

    I can leave the most common CPTs or the ones that I will use in the search engine but I want to allow the user to create new features since there may be many features that will be added depending on the inventory of their cars.

    Then the characteristics can be of three types: Numeric, Text or selection list.

    The easiest option is to leave the Custom Fileds extension visible to the user, however this seems to me a bad idea because the user could modify other CPTs that I will be using for the filters.

    Can you give me suggestions on how you would approach this development please?

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    Long Nguyen


    You can use the plugin Admin Menu Editor to show/hide the admin menu Post types for specific users.

    Hope that helps.


    Thank you for your answer but it don't solve my questions. I don't need hide the admin menú post type for specific user. I want enable to anyone user create new features in a car custom post type but I dont want ENABLE edit my custom fields in metabox plugin because a basic user could damage other fields or settings

    Long Nguyen


    Because the Meta Box plugin does not support to hide the Custom fields with MB Builder for specific users so the easiest way to avoid other users changing your fields is to copy and add the code to the file functions.php in the theme folder.

    The users can create other fields as they want and cannot touch your fields in MB Builder which are created by the code.

    For more information, please follow the documentation


    Ok, thank you very much.

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