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    Dragan Marian

    Hi Guys

    I would like to create a 'master' custom field ( ex. a text area ) that when filled it will be available for all posts, that is to say it will appear at the end of all posts.

    I could just throw the text at the end of the my "content-single.php" post template but I'd like to offer the client the possibility to actually change the text from the backend of the website.

    Would this be possible?

    Thank YOU

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Dragan,

    I think you can create a settings page. The get the field value from a settings page and show it for all posts in the post template. Get more details on the documentation

    Dragan Marian


    Thank you. It works great. I managed to render the my text field at the end of the posts using a settings page.

    $step1 = rwmb_meta( wysiwyg_6ij16pfr8wx, ['object_type' => 'setting'], 'optname' );
    echo $step1;

    However I have trouble displaying my 'Single Image' custom field.

    I tried

    $step2 = rwmb_meta( single_image_wzsxrnm25hl, ['object_type' => 'setting'], 'optname' );
    echo $step2;

    And what it renders is "array" ....

    I have however managed to render my 'single image' custom field when that field is attached to a normal post via:

    $large = rwmb_meta('single_image_wzsxrnm25hl', array('size' => 'large'));
    echo '<img src="' . $large['url'] . '" />';

    but I cannot get it to work when the 'single image' custom field is attached to the 'settings page'

    Thank YOU

    Long Nguyen


    You can add the size setting to the second argument like this

    $step2 = rwmb_meta( 'single_image_wzsxrnm25hl', ['object_type' => 'setting', 'size' => 'large'], 'optname' );
    echo '<img src="' . $step2['url'] . '" />';

    Refer to this topic

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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