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Support Meta Box AIO Custom field group on CPT under a custom taxonomy term

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    Resolved Ryan Maietta


    I've gone through the documentation and searched the forum. I may be missing something; but, I can't figure out how to create a custom field group that applies only to custom posts that fall under a specific term.

    The most I was able to do was set fields for a whole taxonomy, which isn't what I was trying to accomplish.


    Custom post type is Events
    - 'Events' has its own custom field group
    - 'Events' is under the "event-category" taxonomy
    -> The Event Category taxonomy has several terms: Qualitative Research Summer Intensive, Mixed Methods Camp, Fall Seminar Series, etc.
    --> Qualitative Research Summer Intensive needs its own custom field group in addition to the one on 'Events'

    It looks like ACF + CPT UI offers this functionality; but, I'd much prefer to do it via Meta Box. How would I go about doing this?


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    Ryan Maietta

    Nevermind – I posted this very late my time and it was painfully simple. I had the primary rule set to "Taxonomy" -> "Event Category" instead of "Post Type" -> Event. Very silly mistake on my part.

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