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    Resolved DFM


    I've inherited maintenance of a WordPress site which uses Metabox for Custom Post Types and Custom Fields across a range of Post Types.

    I've encountered an issue editing the Custom Fields for one particular set of Post Types; the editor never completes loading. When I look at the console in Firefox I'm told that there is a JS error in react-dom.min.js : is not a function, but the stack trace goes back to /wp-content/plugins/meta-box-builder/assets/js/app.js?ver=4.0.5:1 so it's obviously some issue with MetaBox.

    My hunch is that is being called expecting s to be an object with the appropriate proptotype, but that's not been defined, so metabox is likely expecting something in the saved config in WordPress which isn't there; but as that's all serialized data in a field I really don't want to start messing around with it.

    I was going to post the JSON from the related wp_posts.post_content for the Custom Field Types but it contains information that would reveal my clients website so I'm reluctant to do that on a public forum.

    I've had a dig around and can't seem to find an explanation for this - though I could have missed it. Any pointers as to where to look or what further details you may need from me to resolve this?

    The Custom Fields set is applied across a wide range of Post Types on this site so it's quite a problem not being able to get in an edit. Other Custom Field types are loading

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi DFM,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    If you upgrade the Meta Box Builder from version 3 to 4, it is possible some problem happens. Please follow this document to migrate the data

    Then try to re-save the permalink settings (post name), clear cache, and re-check this issue.


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I've just tried the ?mbb_version=3.3 trick - it doesn't give me any feedback that the upgrade has been run, is it quiet?

    I then when to edit the Custom Field and it wasnt showing fields, so re-saved the post as suggested and all the residual configuration I could see via wp-admin (The post types the Custom Field was associated with) appears to have gone.

    When I query MySQL directly I can still see JSON in the post_content and post_excerpt fields (the JSON is different in each field)

    Any further hints?

    Long Nguyen


    It is possible that there are problems when registering the post type. Please share some screenshots and let me know the post type and the field group that have the issue.

    Then share your site credentials via this form, I will check it out.

    Sam Stout

    I was about to create a new topic when I saw this. I was experiencing the same issue after a clean install with the default theme and just meta-box and mb-custom-fields installed (PHP 7.4.1)

    when clicking on custom fields add new the editor shows up then disappears:

    The issue appears to be triggered if the permalinks are set to plain. Setting permalinks to post name seems to fix it. If permalinks are set to plain and this is not supported a warning would probably help a lot of people out who just installed meta box on a clean install otherwise they might just think the react version of mb is broken.


    Thanks for that Sam, I had a look into it and that doesn't fix my issue

    Long: I've contacted you last week via the contact form and not heard anything further. Have you any updates?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi @DFM

    Can you please re-send it? Mention this topic URL in the content and let me know after sending it.


    Hi @Long,

    I've emailed you again via the contact form (about 30 seconds ago)

    email should be from d***** if you need to search for it



    Maria O.

    Thanks Sam,

    The same happened to me and changing permalinks fix the issue. Nevertheless, MB Builder should work whatever permalinks is selected, so I think is a bug that should be repaired.

    Thanks again.

    Anh Tran

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your feedback. I've fixed this bug and will include it in the next release.


    Hi@ahn Is that my original bug, or the one Sam has mentioned? If my bug - when is the next release scheduled?

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